There is probably no more important garment in a woman's life than her bridal/wedding gown.  Deco Rose Couture would be honored to assist you in making the perfect selection.  Shouldn't your gown be as unique and special as you are?




Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some examples of informal and formal Deco Rose Couture wedding gown styles.




Deco Rose Couture has some amazing gowns available for brides of all sizes, styles and ages, and with all budgets in mind. Custom bridal gowns are available for anything from the simplest informal weddings to the most extravagant white-tie events.  If you are interested in having a gown custom designed for you, please review the Custom Design Consultation Questions prior to booking your design appointment. 




If you do not have the time to have a custom gown created from scratch, do not fret.  We can shop with you, help you select the perfect gown and then customize it for you.  We can custom tailor it for fit, add appliqués, Swarovski crystals, pearls, ruching, change the design, or any number of details to make the gown unique for you.  When selecting a ready-to-wear gown, you can save yourself time and frustration by hiring us as your personal bridal stylist.  After years of dressing hundreds of brides, we have the expertise to select the perfect gown that will flatter you, be stylish, make you feel special and look beyond beautiful on your wedding day.  We can transform any plain off-the-rack dress into an exquisite couture gown.


Why spend countless hours pouring through magazines, trying on dozens of wrong dresses, attending bridal faires, fashion shows, searching the internet, and confusing yourself?  Deco Rose Couture will take the guess work out of the dress selection process.  We know the perfect dress for your figure, complexion, personality, style and type of wedding.  With Deco Rose Couture, choosing your dress will be an exciting, fun experience as opposed to a stressful chore. 




Before we begin the design process with you, we need to know some basic information.  Please be able to answer these questions at your design consultation.


What is the date of your wedding?  If your big day is less than three (3) months away, then we will need to either assist you with the purchase of an off-the-rack gown which can then be customized for you, or you will need a simple elegant design as opposed to an elaborate design.  An off-the-rack gown can still be customized to be completely unique for you.


What is your budget?  Deco Rose Couture gowns come in three price ranges:


a.     Inexpensive - $299 - $499


b.     Moderate - $500 - $699


c.     Couture - $700 and Up


There is no difference in the quality of construction or the beauty of the designs from one price range to another.  There is only a difference in the fabrics utilized, and the amount of hand beading that is required.  For example, French silk lace will cost considerably more than nylon or polyester lace.  Swarovski crystals will cost more than glass crystals, etc.


Is Deco Rose Couture only providing the bridal gown, or the wedding party’s attire as well?  There are substantial discounts for quantity purchases of five or more items.


Where is your wedding venue/location?  For example, a destination beach gown will feature lightweight fabrics that will perform well for your setting and which will not disintegrate if they are splashed with water.  A winter wedding gown may feature a jacket, coat, or may be constructed from more substantial fabrics.  A church with strict dress-code rules may not be the best place for a plunging neckline or backless gown.


What level of formality are you seeking? An after 6pm wedding gown for a very large wedding will be very elegant and elaborate.  A small back yard afternoon wedding would suggest a simpler design.


Do you want to wear the same dress for the wedding as the reception?  If so, if you’re going to have a train, you may want the train to be removable for the reception so you can move about freely, dance, and enjoy yourself. Otherwise you may be dragging it around all night, the train may get stepped on, damaged or ruined, and you will be worrying about your dress rather than relaxing and enjoying your event. A removable train will be a lot more comfortable and flattering than a train that must be bustled.  All of that extra fabric is heavy, restricts movement, and can be less than flattering to the figure.


What is your personality/fashion sense?  Sleek, fitted gown designs are more stylish and couture; formal princess or ball gown designs are more traditional.  If you are an outgoing fashionista diva that only wears cutting-edge fashions, then you will probably want a sleek couture gown.  If you are shy and demure, you may feel more comfortable in a more conservative design.  The true fashionistas these days are opting for tea-length gowns, gowns in colors other than ivory or white, such as blush, blue or even black, and are breaking all of the stereotypical rules. 


How comfortable are you with showing off your curves?  It will be much more difficult to hide any figure issues in a sleek strapless streamlined mermaid charmeuse gown than it will in an A-line empire waist or fuller skirt design. 


Do you have any scars, tattoos, or other issues that need to be hidden?  We can address any concerns you may have and camouflage them with an appropriate design.


What is your age, height, weight, measurements and bra size?  We will need to take accurate measurements of you to obtain a perfect fit.  The undergarments foundation will be built into the garment so no bra will need to be worn.


Is this your first marriage?  If this is not your first marriage you may choose to have a less formal wedding gown or a simpler design.  There are no hard-and-fast rules; even if this is not your first marriage, you may choose any level of formality for your event and any design for your gown.  Perhaps you didn't get the wedding of your dreams the first time around and now you want to celebrate the way you could not then. 


Informal Sleek Stylish Gowns Photos

Even for a destination or simple wedding, a custom gown will make your day all the more special.

Please click HERE to read more about informal gown styles, and see examples of sleek, elegant, stylish bridal gown designs.

Formal Couture Gowns Photos

For very formal events, nothing will set the tone more than a fabulous custom-made gown that will make you look and feel like royalty.

Please click HERE to read more about formal couture gown styles, and see examples of couture and more elaborate bridal gown designs.

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