Here is an example of a beautiful informal stylish bridal gown.  Deco Rose Couture will create the next one just for you.

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Even for a destination or simple wedding, a custom gown will make your day all the more special. Why buy a cookie-cutter off-the-rack dress that everyone else has, when you can have a custom gown that is uniquely you? Not only is a custom gown beautiful and special, but nothing fits like a custom gown. If you have any figure challenges or are not a perfect “off-the-rack” size, then a custom gown may be the perfect solution for you. If you are petite, tall, top/bottom-heavy, or have a long/short torso, you will be amazed at the fit you will receive from a garment tailored just for your body.

Nowadays, there is much less of a distinction between formal gowns and informal gowns. For the last several years the trend has been that more and more brides are opting for more informal gown designs even if they are having a very formal wedding.

What distinguishes an informal gown from a formal couture gown?

  • Cost – An informal gown will usually cost less than a formal gown due to the materials and labor involved.
  • Design – An informal gown will usually have a simpler design than a formal gown that will require much less fabric.
  • Details – An informal gown will usually have fewer beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls, or rhinestones than a formal gown.
  • Materials - An informal gown will usually be made from polyester georgette, chiffon, satin, crepe, or nylon lace.
  • Style - An informal gown will usually have a sleek elegant design that follows the curves of the body.  It may be strapless, have straps, one shoulder, sleeves, or even be backless.  The hemline may flare out slightly or flare out into a long or short train.
  • Train – An informal gown will usually have a shorter train than a formal gown.
  • Veil – A bride will usually wear a shorter veil or no veil at all with an informal gown.  The bride may opt for flowers, a tiara, hat or other adornments in her hair instead.

The true beauty of a custom-designed gown is that Deco Rose Couture can create any type of gown for you, with any level of formality, with any fabric, adornments or design you desire.  There are no limitations as with ready-made dresses. You may choose an informal design with formal fabrics and elaborate embellishments, such as appliquès, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, or pearls. The possibilities are limitless and the design process is very exciting for most brides. To see your gown go from an idea, to a sketch, to the finished product is very rewarding.  Remember to start early, as a custom gown will take a few months to complete.




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