Do you have a store where I can come and try dresses on?

No, all of our designs are custom made for each client.  We do not have a ready-to-wear line.  The only dresses we have that are already made are samples created for models.  Those dresses are size 0 and size 2, only. 

What is the Deco Rose Couture collection about?

The Deco Rose Couture collection seeks to bring back the glamour of the glory days of old Hollywood from the 1920's and 1930's, but with a modern edge.  What does that really mean for the modern woman?  Today’s woman doesn’t have many opportunities to attend red-carpet events or Hollywood premieres.  Women today wear many hats and have to juggle the responsibilities of family, career, and personal growth.  Women still want to look glamorous, but they don’t want to look like they are trying too hard and they want their clothes to express their individuality without looking like they are wearing a costume.  The clothes should enhance the woman, not overshadow her.  Just as a beautiful frame enhances a work of art, and makes it look finished, a beautiful outfit does the same thing for a stylish woman.  But too fussy or ornate of a frame can dominate the painting and detract from its beauty, just as an overdone outfit can make a woman look like an overly-adorned Christmas tree rather than an elegant beauty. 

Think about the days of the true Hollywood “starlet” as they were called.  That vision invokes a beautiful woman in a silk couture gown that is dragging on the ground behind her as she strolls down the red carpet.  She is swallowed in fur and dripping with hundreds of carats of diamonds and precious jewels.  That is not a practicable dream even for wealthy women today, much less the woman who works for a living.  Those jewels that once cost thousands of dollars now cost millions, and those dresses that once cost hundreds now cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Some designer gowns now cost over one hundred thousand dollars.

How can a woman today capture that same feeling?  Can a woman feel glamorous and beautiful without having to spend thousands of dollars on a designer couture gown?  Yes, absolutely.  That is why the Deco Rose Couture collection was created.

How much does it cost to have Deco Rose Couture design a custom garment?

Deco Rose Couture has designs in three price categories:   Inexpensive designs are $299 to $499.  Moderate designs range from $500 to $699.  Couture designs are from $700 and up.  The difference between an inexpensive creation and a couture creation is not in the quality of construction.   All garments are fully finished and beautifully constructed.   The difference is in the fabrics used and the amount of hand beading that the garment requires.  Also, designs that feature large amounts of Swarovski crystals may cost extra.   

I want Deco Rose Couture  to custom design a garment for me.   How do I begin the process?

Please contact us to book a custom-design appointment.   There is a $50 design consultation fee.   We do not provide sketches for free.  The fee will be applied toward the purchase of the garment if Deco Rose Couture is hired.   Your design will be discussed, sketches will be submitted, fabrics will be selected and garment construction will begin.   You do not have to meet with us in person, although that is preferable.   The process can be performed online if you have someone qualified to take accurate measurements.    Please keep in mind that the custom-design process requires several weeks, or even months, so please book us long before your event.

What fashion designers or fashion trends have influenced Deco Rose Couture designs?

The designer has never really been influenced by any particular fashion designer or style of clothing.  She has been more influenced by architecture than clothing.  She loves Egyptian motifs, the art deco era and the clean lines evocative from the architecture of the era, such as the Chrysler building.  She has been inspired by the costume designs of the great artist Erte' (Romain de Tirtoff).  She also loves anything Art Deco, flapper-inspired designs, and Gatsby-era styles. 

Deco Rose Couture never follows trends, as trends come and go from season to season, but true elegant style never goes out of fashion.  For example, a poodle skirt was fashionable for a very short period of time during the 1950s, but a silk bias-cut gown was fashionable 80 years ago, 40 years ago, today, and will continue for the foreseeable future.  Good taste never goes out of style.

What does it mean to be glamorous?

Webster defines glamour as “an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness”, or more simply, “alluring or fascinating attraction”.  And glamorous is defined as “full of glamour” and “excitingly attractive”.  Do you feel excitingly attractive?  Do you feel alluring?  If not, then you will in a Deco Rose Couture garment.  If you already feel attractive, then your confidence will be boosted even further when you wear a Deco Rose Couture design.

What types of women wear Deco Rose Couture fashions?

All women can be glamorous if they are shown how.  The Deco Rose Couture woman is a glamorous woman.  The Deco Rose Couture woman loves to get dressed up.  The Deco Rose Couture woman loves being a woman.  When you wear the right clothes, you feel like you are a movie star, even if you are just an “everyday” woman, just like the rest of us. 

When you wear a Deco Rose Couture gown, you feel special, because you are.  We are honored that you have chosen to wear one of our creations. 

Does Deco Rose Couture have any future collections in the works?

Yes.  Deco Rose Couture is working on a collection for men, a gothic collection for those who embrace the dark side, and a line of jewelry and accessories.

We often hear the term haute couture, but what does that really mean?

Haute couture is simply French for high fashion.   What distinguishes a couture garment from a mass-produced garment is the construction details.   Couture garments are fully finished with no raw edges inside.  They are fully lined, have extensive design details and take much longer to construct than cheaply made garments.   Couture garments usually feature a lot of hand sewing that cannot be duplicated by any machine.   They will last for years to come. 

Are Deco Rose Couture garments environmentally conscious or "green"?

Yes.   We at Deco Rose Couture are a little obsessive about our love of animals and our desire to improve the conditions of the planet.   All garments are manufactured in the U.S.  We use organic or recycled materials whenever possible and do not believe in wasting anything.   We ask that you please donate unwanted garments and other items to shelters and worthy resale companies rather than disposing of them in the trash.   Each year millions or garments are simply thrown away when instead they could be benefitting someone less fortunate.   Deco Rose Couture only uses leather and fur from vintage items and frequently shops antique stores, estate sales, etc. just to purchase items for their buttons, appliques, or fabrics.   Nothing is ever wasted, not even the fabric scraps.

Is there anything unique or special about a Deco Rose Couture garment?

Yes.... definitely.  With a Deco Rose Couture design women need not worry about what to wear under the garment as the bras/foundations are built in.  There are no more bra straps falling down, showing or creating unsightly lumps.   Many modern fashions don't take into consideration that a woman needs to wear something underneath to feel secure.   That is never the case with Deco Rose Couture All Deco Rose Couture garments are designed to flatter the feminine figure, enhance natural curves, create curves where none exist, and hide figure flaws.  You will look and feel your absolute best in a Deco Rose Couture creation.

 The other thing unusual about Deco Rose Couture, is that because of our vast experience, we are involved in all aspects of fashion for our clients.   Our clients don't just get a dress from us, but they get an entire fashion experience.   Most designers will just hand the dress over to the client and wish them well.   But Deco Rose Couture goes several steps further.   We will help the client to choose the perfect accessories, jewelry, shoes, makeup and hair style so that the client's look is complete and perfectly styled.   In many instances Deco Rose Couture will even personally design the accessories.   Some services require an additional charge, but most of these services are provided without any additional charge at all.   Getting a gown from Deco Rose Couture is kind of like "one-stop-shopping" on a couture level.  That is why we refer to our business as "Your One-Stop Haute Spot". ™

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